Mpire is a Branding & Marketing agency based in Sweden. Mpire was founded 2017 with a belief that we could build something great and help so many companies/partners in achieving their business goals and give them the added value they need.

We are a New Thinking agency with a special passion for brand development. We value our strengths in being modern in our way of working while following international trends, our creativity that turn challenges to results and our persistence to exceed expectation.

Mpire | em-pahyuhr | a powerful and important enterprise or holding of large scope that is controlled by a single person, family, or group of associates.

our values

Building an Mpire require a solid ground from where we can reach the stars and become a destination for those who seek help in the field of Branding & Marketing. Our 3 core values are:

the challenger:

“Why join the navy if you can be a pirate?” Steve Jobs.
We believe in defying the status quo and challenging the giants. In every aspect of our work, we dare to think differently while we humbly respect the complex nature of human behaviour. Still, we are prepared to find ways to hack it.


We believe in family as a core value. For our partners and employees that means that when you join the Mpire family, we make it clear that we value a long-term relationship built on trust, caring, and where the best for our customers and employees always come first, all else is secondary.


We believe in a transparent approach to work. Whether it’s about a client, an employee or any interested party we keep our cards clear on the table. That means for us: clear expectations and goals from the start and a clear and continuous communication throughout the whole project communicate clearly and continuously throughout the whole project.

our people

Abdul Rahman Sai

Abdul Rahman Sai

Web developer
+46 (0) 762 777 590
Moe Selwaye

Moe Selwaye

art director
+46 (0) 73 999 04 55
Mohammed Kossir

Mohammed Kossir

+46 (0) 730 265 450